Hothouse Talk #4 Serena Wise

Had never heard of her until today, all I knew is that she is an Art Director, another title I wasn't too sure about. Well, she changed that... I enjoy people who speak as themselves no matter the audience, and this is the vibe I received from Serena. As a student, Serena won the prestigious D&AD design... Continue Reading →


Practitioner Case Study – Fanny Papay

Heading over to Grafik and finding a practitioner to write a Case Study about was this weeks mandatory suggestion. I chose Fanny Papay. Fanny is a Hungarian graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, specialising in 80's aesthetic. On 27th June, Fanny was Grafik's talent of the week; listed below are my selection of key findings and interesting points. “Step into a technicolor dreamworld at the... Continue Reading →

Design Futures – Riso Print

Emily introduced Riso print to the studio this afternoon. It's a process I've heard about consistently throughout my time at Uni but in all honesty, it has never interested me. That was until it was described as a digital screen print! Opposed to laser print, Riso works with CMYK colours and prints one colour at... Continue Reading →

Design Futures – Laser Print

Anatol Just - the university laser print expert, hidden away in the basement, made an appearance in our studio this morning. I enjoy people who speak in a 'matter of fact' way, and this man had this down to a fine art. I understood that laser printing/ cutting relied on 'outlines' and colour coded lines,... Continue Reading →

Critical & Design Thinking

Typefaces and Type Specimen. Anyone else aware that Google have an awesome font database!? As do Adobe with their site typekit. My design work is about to raise a level (or two) - watch this space. Excitement aside, this afternoon I have been engaging with 'Type Specimens', a form of layout that illustrates a typeface... Continue Reading →

Critical & Design Thinking

Hick's Law, Design Principles and Fundamentals. Fresh off the tube and 2 chapters into a new book, The Rum Diaries by Hunter. S. Thompson, my mind was on Paul Kemp embarking upon his discovery of San Juan. It didn't take long to be brought back to reality by a series of challenging questions - what... Continue Reading →

Critical & Design Thinking

Dots, Books, and Future Ways to Refuel 'Lateral Thinking' by Edward De Bono is a book I (attempted to) read during the summer which encourages you to open your mind to new possibilities in the search for new ideas. Today Ricardo challenged us to do just that. The first exercise was to simply connect an arrangement... Continue Reading →

Creative Industry Practice

First of all, go check out my new Instagram account for the teaser clip (and make sure you subscribe for more incredible design work) thefvnn Durning a 'Creative Industry Practice' lesson our studio was asked to think about someone of "major personal creative importance and/or influence" as we would be creating a Pastiche 15-60 seconds... Continue Reading →

Pastiche 1560 – Tati x Saul Bass

This is Tati. Tati is a level 5 graphic design student whom will be creating a 15-60 second video pastiche on a chosen design inspiration. Today I had a brief chat with her about inspirations, artists, and intentions. Pastiche noun 1. a literary, musical, or artistic piece consisting wholly or chiefly of motifs or techniques borrowed from one... Continue Reading →

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